I LOVE it When…

 I Love it 1

Our valentine printing event was a big hit! Over 70 people stopped by to make a valentine on our handmade paper; everyone walked away with a smile.

I Love it 2

We printed our logo on the back of all the valentines with our big letterpress. In the background you can see my hands locking up the chase to print a valentine.  Each person got to set their own valentine so that meant a lot of lock-ups.

I Love it 3

People gathered around the type case and selected letters one by one to place in the composing stick to spell out what they wanted to say.

I Love it 4

Look at all those typesetters waiting for their turn at the press.

I Love it 5

Drew is sipping a cup of European drinking chocolate while explaining the origins of the California job case.

I Love it 6

Some were sweet



I Love it 7

Some were specific


I Love it 8

Some had fun with the type


I Love it 9

Some made valentines for “Yon”


I Love it 10

And then there was this one. You might have to hold it up to a mirror to see what it says.

Thanks to everyone who made a valentine and thanks to Dandelion Chocolate for hosting us. 

Posted by: on March 5th, 2013